Three unique takes on the catchall genre of Americana

Love, DEAN – “Put on a record”
-Oh… soul. Oh my soul that’s some soul. This new track from Love, DEAN called “Put on a record” is soulful, delightful, and genre-bendingly good. The lead vocal is out of this world good. I genuinely appreciate the soothing, almost hypnotic sense throughout the track. It’s romantic and sultry, yet also at times celebratory. It’s the right mood throughout the track and I love that it has soul at the heart of it.

Of Sea and Stone – “Why don’t you stay?”
-So the easiest thing to focus on with this song is the guitar work with the vocal, but I definitely have to say that the organ is one of my favorite parts. Once the vocal harmonies enter the track, it’s unbelievably good. It’s well mixed, too, making for the kind of song that steals your attention away from everything else in the room. There’s a bright sentimentality to the lyrical message; it’s about faithfulness no matter what. Folks who have made a long term romantic commitment will want to slow dance to this one. It’s really well done.

Sons of Atticus – “Homesick”
-If you’re a fan of traditional storytelling folk/country music, then you’ll find a lot of like about this track from Sons of Atticus. It’s about being a little crazy and facing the regret from poor choices. It’s a pretty typical honkytonk tune in that regard, but we don’t get many “new” songs that preserve such a wonderfully rewarding classic song. The line “I got a little very drunk last night” pretty much summarizes the sentiment of the song. Let’s all pretend this isn’t at all relatable and that we’re all “better than this.” But… you know… we listen because… um… it’s… not at all… relatable. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

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