Three new country tunes that actually sound like country music (and not pop)

Riddy Arman – “Spirits, Angels, or Lies”
-If you’re looking for a real heart breaking country song, check out Riddy Arman’s fantastic “Spirits, Angels, or Lies.” This is the kind of country music that doesn’t need a qualifier. It’s not alt. It’s not Americana. It’s as authentic a brand of country music we’ve heard in a decade. Arman’s unhurried storytelling grips the listener from start to finish. The acoustic guitar and steady bass accompany an expressive, strong lead vocal. If you love country music and its rich history, this song will become one of your favorites of 2021. It sure resonates with me.

Chris Diller – “One-handed piano man”
-If you’re looking for an upbeat country tune that melds together influences of gospel, blues, and roots country, you’ll find a lot to like in this new track from Diller. Heck, there’s even a killer harmonica in the mix. The combination of honky tonk piano and phenomenal banjo makes for a really good time. I admire the fact that you can tell from the lyrics and the mood of the track that the band is having a blast making this recording. If you love country piano playing, this is an absolutely outstanding track. It makes me smile an ear to ear grin every time I hear it.

Johnny Berry and the Outliers – “Halfway to Louisville”
-Rambling, driving tunes are a staple in classic country music. This new track from Johnny Berry and the Outliers sounds like it could have come straight out of Waylon Jennings’ discography. The marriage of electric guitar and great storytelling is a staple of the outlaw era of country music. It’s evident that everything from the lyrical style to the vocal inflections on this track are influenced by Jennings and Merle Haggard. We’re proud to support this kind of country music that stays true to the classic definition of the genre.

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