Three energizing indie folk tunes to kick your week off right

Common Jack – “Zion National Park”
-The opening of Common Jack’s “Zion National Park” is incredibly peaceful. Fans of great harmonies will find a lot to like in this track from Common Jack. The long sections of “oooh” harmonies are really captivating. The lyric “I’m not built for happiness or so I thought” is relatable for me in some stages of my life, but I’m certain some readers feel this all the time. The song is about flipping that script and embracing the beauty that surrounds us. What a powerful song with some absolutely – and I can’t stress this enough – OUTSTANDING harmonies.

12 Feet Tall – “Next”
-I appreciate the relaxing acoustic style of this track. It feels like a poem set to an easy going guitar. The lyrics have a beautiful expressive style that beg for the listener to follow along. The thing that makes the song really pop for me is the piano juxtaposed with the electric guitar. I’ve heard this in other songs, of course, but it really resonates with this specific track. The production balance is really good, too, as the vocal never gets drowned out despite the swells and dynamics from the backing band. This is a thoughtful, engaging piece of music.

The Wilderness of Manitoba – “Sometimes”
-There’s a haunting lonesomeness about this song that connects well with the type of folk we’ve always featured on this site. Something about the key and expression on this one reminds me of the great Dylan Leblanc. The composition has an alternative energy about it that feels authentic. The vocal harmonies help to punctuate the evocative lyrical content. If you’re looking for a song with introspective lyrics and some unique instrumentation, give this one a spin.

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