Three peaceful singer songwriters to bring beauty and calm

Andrew Word – “Be here”
-Something about this song almost feels like a hymn to me. The subtle harmonies are my favorite part, but the overall energy of the track is absolutely stunning. The thoughtful, plaintive lyrical style works perfectly with the delivery of each line. I appreciate the poetic calm created with the song and the resonance of the acoustic guitar. When I tell people I like listening to singer songwriters, this is what I mean. Stunning.

Pete Ford – “Songbird”
-If you like a good whistle solo, you’ll enjoy Pete Ford’s song “Songbird.” It’s got a nice danceable, groovy rhythm to it. The light energy of the track is really something special. Something about it reminds me of Jack Johnson and that light, airy beach vibe. Ford’s vocal style works perfectly. The whimsical style is perfect for a summer time playlist. Throw this on the party mix and let your friends get dancing to this feel good folk-influenced poppy jam.

Singing River – “Everyday love”
-Take a nice dose of Tom Petty style folk rock and add in some modern folk stylings, you’ll come out with a sound that’s rewarding like Singing River’s “Everyday love.” The lyrics are sure to make the “everyday lovers” appreciate the blessings that they have. The energy on the guitars and the moving rhythm feels like a big old batch of nostalgia. There’s even a Beatles-esque tone throughout the track. This is one to play for the old rock heads in your life and see who they guess it is. It’s a really good feeling 60s-rooted vibe with modern connections.

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