Top 20 Folk Blogs for 2021

Welcome to the top 20 folk music blogs for 2021. These are whimsical and fun rankings based upon a handful of simple criteria such as style, depth of coverage, and frequency of posting. If you disagree with our list, feel free to contact us on social media with suggestions for blogs to consider for next year.

*NOTE: Some of our friends who write in other languages are sad not to be included here. Since we read English, though, we stuck with English-based blogs. Sorry about that.

1) Twangville – – It seems like every year Twangville is near the top of the list. Consistently high quality coverage and a killer name. Add them to your “check often” list and thank us later.

2) For Folk’s Sake – – Here’s another annual contender for one of the best folk blogs in the business. They cover up and coming bands with brilliant frequency. Unlike a lot of blogs, they still do classic album reviews for that extra bit of depth.

3) Come Here Floyd – – One of my favorite features on CHF is the obvious genre tag on each article. If you’re seeking something specific in a given day, you can scroll and find it. Also, it shows off just how prolific these bloggers are keeping up with the vast amount of new music. Impressive!
(NOTE: It’s been brought to our attention that CHF seems to have stopped producing content 6 months ago. We will leave them here out of respect for the few months in 2021, but they will rotate off the list in 2022.)

4) Chill Filter – – The layout of Chill Filter is really easy to follow. The headlines all give great direction for what you’re about to click on. It’s the kind of blog you’ll want to put in your rotation and find some fresh tunes from indie pop and indie folk regularly.

5) Various Small Flames – – One of the things I like about VSF is that they cover some of the same artists as us. It’s like we have overlapping taste in music! So if you’re here as an ETTG regular, you’ll want to become a VSF regular as well. Also, related, they have a slick design with very clickable article leads.

6) Two Story Melody – – Every song has a story. That basic premise makes TSM a fantastic site that is sure to win over a lot of fans. When you open the articles they’re not just a few lines about a song. There’s a story. This is the depth that is sorely missing from many sites these days.

7) Folk Radio UK – – Unsurprisingly, Folk Radio UK focuses on UK-based artists in the… you guessed it … folk genre. That said, if you’re looking for artists who may be a little off the beaten path, this is a great site to follow. I think the site managers and readers wouldn’t mind me saying it’s a bit more traditional across the board, so if you’re looking for traditional folk it might be your #1 on this list.

8) For the Rabbits – – In the journalistic concept of white space, For the Rabbits will have NONE OF IT. That said, the layout of the site begs for viewers to click on one of the articles and dive right in. They have folk as one of their mainstays (although not the only genre), but the site invites engagement for sure.

9)  Beautiful Song of the Week – – One song per week and it’s got to be a good one. I can’t imagine making that curatorial choice, but what a great concept for a blog. I admire everything about the site and seeing how often a folk (or related) track wins the feature is really exciting.

10) Tonic Grain – – This is a clean designed site that looks very mobile friendly. They moved their location from last year but have the same catchy coverage. Check them out.

11) Indie Obsessive –  – I don’t know the folks who run Indie Obsessive, but I feel like we’d be friends. Similar taste in music and… well, obsession with featuring tons of music. It’s great to see the level of passion involved in running a site like this.

12) Adobe and Teardrops –  – This is one of the most professional looking designs of any blog on this list. The clean arrangement begs for viewers to engage with the images and click on the articles. Almost all of the artists are in folk or related genres, so it’s one of the higher genre matches we have on the list.

13) American Pancake – – If you’re an old music fan back to the “Zine” days, you will relate to the layout of American Pancake. It has a whole vibe to it. Although they cover much more than folk music, it doesn’t show up sometimes. But the name and style of the site makes it a must-list for us.

14) Hot Lunch Music – – Scrolling through coverage on HLM there are several folk and singer songwriter artists we’ve covered as well. That’s livin’ in harmony, right there. But seriously, I admire the clean design and the “soul food” theme of the site. Very interesting and solid curation.

15) Vinyl Chapters – – This is the first year for Vinyl Chapters on this list, but you’ll see why it’s here with a quick glance at the coverage. The layout is smooth, the music choices great, and the overall focus is the love people have for music. It’s brilliant.

16) High 5 For – – High Five For hosts mixtapes, so if that’s your thing definitely give them an add. They don’t cover folk exclusively (neither do we!), but they have a lot of it. Definitely worth your consideration.

17) Dusty Organ – – At first glance, it may not look like Dusty Organ covers much folk music but they do. They’re a new site to the list because they are publishing regular quality coverage of a variety of genres, including folk.

18) MP3Hugger – – For those of us old enough to remember the mp3 file type, this is a magical blog name. If you’ve ever coveted your music collection on a jump drive, you’ll find a lot to like in the clean design of MP3Hugger.

19) The Burning Ear – – We didn’t just nominate this site because they also have “ear” in their title. Okay, that did help a little. But we really liked the clean design. We were surprised there’s not more writing on the site, so we’re hoping to see that for next year’s rankings.

20) Uranium Waves – – Okay this is another track that’s not entirely folk music, but has a really close connection with singer songwriters. We appreciate the consistent coverage and really clean layout on this one as well.

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