Three songs right on that folk and Americana line that we’re happy to support

Jenner Fox – “Buffalo”
-The acoustic guitar on this track is really intriguing. The lead vocal does a nice job of expressing a clear sentiment. The concept of “learning how to love” seems to permeate the lyrics beyond the first verse. There’s a light energy that carries through the track that I really admire. It feels like a folk song with the soul of Americana rooted storytelling. The plainspoken storytelling reminds me of the late, great John Prine. That’s not a compliment I throw around lightly. This is an absolute gem of a folk tune.

Juliet Sunflower – “Drinking rain”
-Before this song I had never heard the name Juliet Sunflower, but I like it… the song and the name. There’s an expressive sincerity to the song that makes it perfect for a coffeeshop playlist. The sincerity, depth, and intimacy are in equal parts… and that all just makes it so captivating. The harmonies are haunting and unsettling in just the right way to highlight the unsettling breakup. This is a work of art.

Tommy Goodroad – “Lucky”
-It ain’t every day you find a song that sounds like it was recorded in the early 70s with the tape thrown in a drawer not to be found until 2021. As far as I know that’s NOT the case with this track, but it kind of sounds like it. The rhythm section and guitar on this track feel like they come from another era, but Goodroad’s lead vocal keeps it fresh. Equal parts Skynard rock vibes and rockabilly fiddle work, the track is the kind of thing that gets the crowd clapping along at one of those “roadside inn” joints. This is grounded Americana for all those common folks who feel lucky to have that special someone in their lives.

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