Three emerging singer songwriters who capture the spirit of our site

Michal Bush – “Forfeit”
-The tender vocal blands really well with the acoustic guitar work on this track. There’s some minor key work here that makes the track feel a bit unsettling in some places. However, that’s all resolved with some beautiful chord changes as well. The unconventional melody style is precisely what caught my attention with this mature, sophisticated brand of folk music. Fans of the Staves and similar acoustic harmony-driven acoustic acts will adore this new artist.

Rosie H Sullivan – “So it is”
-If you’re looking for a soft, subtle, beautiful piece of folk music then give Rosie H. Sullivan some of your time. Everything about this recording is well done. The birds are a nice touch. The fingerpicking on the guitar provides a beautiful base to the poetic lyrical work. This is truly the spirit of folk music, kept alive by a genuine and sweet vocal style. It is, in a word, idyllic.

The 14th Hour – “88 keys”
-There’s a moving energy to this track that brings me back time and time again. Putting me a little in mind of Ben Rector’s energetic pop piano vibes, the 14th Hour have caught my attention with this remarkable new tune. The vocal harmonies feel just right on this one. Overall, the harmonic moving energy of the track feels like a bit of a genre mashup of pop and contemporary rock. It is sure to connect for a lot of our readers.

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