Three “alt rock” tracks you will want to share with your friends

The Honest Heart Collective – “11/17”
-Even when I find alt rock, I appreciate when it comes with a healthy dose of quality vocal harmonies. This track is my definition of good alt rock. Even the aggressive guitars in the opening feel just right, leading toward a slightly unconventional melody that is punctuated with excellent harmonies. This is the kind of song from the kind of band I could really enjoy live. I bet they can pack out a cross-generational rock venue for hours! Fans of early 90s alt rock will find a lot to like with the Honest Heart Collective.

Cousin Simple – “You want it you got it”
-The feel good vibes on this track are absolutely… glowing. I absolutely get hype when I hear this kind of energy. I can’t imagine the powerful energy that these cats must put on during a live show. The bouncy energy is evident right from first listen. The fun, whimsical lyrical style is perfect for the track overall. I cannot understand why something like this isn’t a top 10 record in the US. It has all the hallmarks of pop rock but because of what we’ve collectively defined as “rock” in the past few years, this is perceived as “alternative.” Call it what you want — this is a work of art! The energy in the opening leads to the symphonic, hypnotic, powerful bridge-to-chorus. Spin it and share it!

JOLENE (formerly Mary Ellen Kirk) – “Not afraid of the dark”
-JOLENE is a dream. This track carries some incredible chromatic progressions that strike of musical style composition. The complexity is evident from first listen. JOLENE’s vocal is quality, making for an artfully curious style that pulls the listener into the dreamy lyrical style. The composition truly defies genre. It’s eclectic, aesthetically mysterious, and captivating in every way. Give it a spin and share it with your friends who are not afraid of the dark… and the ones who like the quirky, unconventional music that needs to be pulled from the margins into our collective shared taste.

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