Three unconventional “pop” tunes that will put stars in your eyes

Reese Weil – “Cuddle Up”
-If you’re looking for a vibe to chill with your special someone, you can do much better than “Cuddle Up” by Reese Weil. It’s got a nice groove to it and a memorable melody. The main lyrical line is about cuddling, so there’s that. But more than anything it’s the rhythm that feels right for the track. Part dance, part chill vibes, it’s the perfect kind of song for a “sit back and relax” energy for a hang with your loved one. It’s got some colorful textures and intriguing vibes for sure.

Laurent Bourque – “Easy”
-The groove of this track is really good. It doesn’t matter if you call it pop or something else, the groove is what sets the mood here. The mix is unconventional but works really well. I appreciate the hand clappy, snappy, danceable energy. It puts me a little in mind of the Bruno Mars brand of party pop that’s dominating the airwaves here lately. It’s a fun loving sound ready for your end of summer party playlist.

Tim Jackson – “How do you mend a broken heart?”
-When I first heard this track I didn’t know what to make of the genre. But the more I’ve listened, the more I’ve come to really enjoy the vocal harmonies on here. Part of what makes it hard to classify is that it takes a lot of different influences from what we might call “classic rock.” The Queen-style harmonies definitely are a defining feature of this song. If you feel like they “just don’t make music like they used to” check out this track from Jackson, which both has the harmonies as well as the lyrical structure of 60s and 70s pop rock music.

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