Three new folk tracks to keep the genre moving forward

Marlo Mudd – “Wife”
-The range of influences in this track is fascinating. I hear everything from 60s pop to modern folk singer songwriter. There are crispy electric guitars and honey-dipped vocals. The overall vibe blends together these various forces for something that feels comfortable, relaxing, and just unique enough to wake us up from our collective slumber. Mudd’s vocal defines the track, but the colorful textures throughout the mix make it a wonderfully exceptional new track. Give it a spin and see what you think.

Matt Sayers – “Wild Dreams”
-The acoustic guitar works really well on this track, creating a basis that feels like a conventional folk song. The vocal from Sayers immediate sparked my interest on this one. The combination between these timeless influences makes for a soothing and engaging listening experience. Some of the atmospheric elements make it feel thoroughly modern and moves it away from the traditional influences in the opening. If you’re looking for a track that will help you look toward the future with a hopeful visionary expression, give this new track a chance to inspire you.

A Year Of – “Forestales”
-There’s a captivating charm to this track right from the start. Somewhere between the acoustic string work and the effect on the lead vocal is a sort of sonic distance created. Is this person singing in a cave? Are we inside of a hollow log? The resonance gives the sense of distance that works well with the lyrics. Fans of the Oh Hellos will find a lot to like in this innovative, experimental new folk sound from A Year Of.

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