Three engaging new singer songwriters that could contend for “song of the year”

Leila Marie – “Home for you”
-The first time I heard this song I thought maybe I opened a music box. The melody, vocal tone, and unhurried acoustic guitar all feel dreamlike in the best way possible. Leila Marie has a gentle yet entrancing way about her vocal expression. The lyrics are seemingly about someone specific, yet they open up this access point that allow anyone to feel they are a part of the song. The little chromatic turns along the way only add beautiful textures to an already stunning song. This isn’t just a piece of music; it’s a work of art.

Jake Whiskin – “It ain’t me it’s you”
-I’m sure if you’ve been around the site for a bit, you’ve seen my coverage of Jake Whiskin. He’s been a real standout in 2021 and it’s easy to hear why on this new track “It ain’t me it’s you.” Flipping the popular breakup line “it’s not you, it’s me” on its head, Whiskin tackles the complexity of a breakup with this pop rock influenced singer songwriter tune. To my ear, a good comparison is someone like Ryan Adams. There’s a real rock core to the track, while the production elements soften some aspects to make this gritty song feel a bit more palatable to pop audiences. I’d be interested in how this song might do getting regular airplay on a college rock station. It’s got some real power behind it.

The Ballroom Thieves – “Woman (ft. Lady Lamb)”
-When I got to the end of the first line of this track, I said aloud, “get out of here with that!” This was not what I meant to say! What I meant was that I love this so much please stay. But the words “get out of here” were an expression of disbelief at just how good this lead vocal is. It’s incredibly difficult to be “on” with these kinds of Americana, bluesy, pop-tinged vocal runs. The whole composition comes together like an American bandstand mashup in the best way possible. I was digging the track and then the gorgeous horn solo entered the track… and heaven. on. earth. They don’t make language to express what this track makes me FEEL. Spin it. Share it. Love it like I do.

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