Three new indie pop tunes to bring in the weekend

Two and the Sun – “Come away with me”
-This is an up beat tune with some real toe-tapping enjoy. If you’re looking for a foward-thinking, energetic song that feels like what “indie pop” is by definition, give this track a chance. Even the “woo-hoo-hoos” on the chorus are quintessential pop sounding. The up tempo style is definitely a lot of fun. The sing-a-long chorus makes this perfect for a party playlist or a long drive with friends. It’s about the importance of being together and taking adventures with someone you love. It’s a great time!

Abby Holiday – “Nothing from me”
-When this song came across my digital desk recently, I clicked play and thought “oh that’s pretty good.” But the more I listened it moved from “pretty good” to… something spectacular. There’s a gorgeous, expressive sense to the vocal here from Abby Holiday. Not only is the voice consistently on pitch, there’s a genuineness to the message that feels utterly believable. I admire the Maggie Rogers style of production around Holiday’s very convincing writing. I’m going to be adding this one to my own personal rotation. It’s really remarkable.

Michael Barrow and the Tourists – “Time rolls on”
-If you’re looking for an easy going narrative pop style, give this track a spin. The mix is heavily folk, which works for us. But if you’re looking for a crispy pop flavor on the classic narrative folk style, this is definitely a track to consider. The electric guitar runs work really well for situating the song. Also, if you’ve lived a bit of life and have some good memories to reflect back on, this song will cause you to have some powerful reflections. This is a fun one, but I’ll warn you now that the feel good vibes will be complicated by some very startling personal memories.

Image courtesy: Abby Holiday IG

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