Three inspiring adult contemporary tracks to capture your attention

Ma and Pa – “I’m not afraid”
-If you’re looking for a piano-based song with a remarkable amount of intimacy and connection, check out Ma and Pa’s track “I’m not afraid.” Equal parts pop and endearing love song, the track manages to avoid the pitfalls of pop cheesiness. There’s a sincerity in the vocals and phrasing that feels like we’re listening in on a truly gentle, personal conversation. It’s stirring and calming all at the same time.

Big Little Lions – “Hold on”
-We’ve covered Big Little Lions in the past, typically in the folk category. But as I listened to this track, there’s a maturity to the sound that feels like it fits with this adult contemporary collection. The vocals are stellar as always. There’s an additional production luster on this track that helps the track fit within a radio-ready polished style. I really would love to know how a song like this would do on a major market radio station. It’s got inspiring lyrics and a superb production mix. I think it would do well. Give it a spin and let me know what you think.

Still Waters – “Absolute”
-The syncopated rhythm on this track makes it stand out right away. The expressive lyrical and phrasing styles are also fascinating. The combination makes for a track unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. I like to make comparisons to bands in the past, but really I can’t think of what for this creative track from Still Waters. The vibes are just something you need to hear to understand and appreciate. This is definitely the kind of track befitting fans of adult contemporary music.

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