Three singer songwriters to capture the spirit of the 2021 summer

Katherine Priddy – “About Rosie”
-If you’ve been around my folk coverage at all in the past few months, you’ll know the name Katherine Priddy. I’ve been totally enamored by Priddy’s characteristic vocals. The lyrics on this track are also quite striking. The full production works beautifully to accent the vocal. The entire mood of the track is peaceful. There’s something about the 6/8 time rolling through the track feels like sailing… or swinging… or dancing. It’s beautiful.

The Wonderfool – “Cool shade”
-If you’re looking for a chill acoustic style of music, check out The Wonderfool. There’s a soft rock energy to this track that’s sure to make fans among our faithful readers. The understated vocal harmonies really connect on this one. It’s the kind of song you want to put on for a cookout in the summer time. How many times have you looked back on your life and thought about doing more? But then you just embrace the present circumstance and realize that obsessing over the past won’t help now. It’s about learning from the past and embracing the present (or at least, that’s what it means to me). Fans of folk rock, especially from the mid-70s era, will dig this one.

Braison Cyrus – “Disappear”
-If you’re looking for an easy going Americana-flavored singer songwriter, give Braison Cyrus a few minutes of your time. He’ll steal your attention and win your heart. The opening energy of the track is good, but once the steel guitar and the piano enter the track… well, it’s all over for us classic country lovers. The glowing energy feels like it’s from another era, yet has this beautiful modern production aesthetic that really makes it pop. This is what I’d play on the radio if I had a station. It’s a story about faithfulness to someone in the midst of the every day; it’s salt of the earth philosophy with a sound that emerges from the annals of country music history.

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