Three acoustic folk artists to inspire listeners this midweek

Charlie Marks – “Meet me oh meet me”
– I appreciate the old time energy of this track from Charlie Marks. There’s a tinny sound to the string work here that makes me think of a bygone era of American music. With a healthy mix of old school and modern energy, Marks brings a spirited performance that is sure to inspire a lot of listeners. We don’t typically feature songs with such a long instrumental intro before the vocal enters, but Marks has a quality style that is going to remind some of the iconic Americana voices of Townes Van Zandt and Woody Guthrie. It’s nice to know someone is keep these great traditions alive.

Teddy Weeks – “This too shall pass”
-The emotional depth of this track is enough to stop me in my tracks. The gospel lyrical style of “this too shall pass” is befitting the production style on this track. The atmospheric mix reminds me a bit of modern worship music. The voice has a soulful intonation, reminding the listener to stay true to living a life of virtue despite the trials that life presents. The moving rhythm brings a soothing sentiment that matches with the remarkable lead vocal. If you’re looking for a piece of music to move your spirit, give Teddy Weeks a listen.

Andreas Owens – “Speaking with my chest”
-If you’re a fan of acoustic singer songwriters (and most of our readers certainly are!), then give Owens a spin and I almost guarantee you’ll have a smile on your face. The song is sad, honestly, but it still makes me smile because of the clever lyrics and relatable sensibility. If you’re a fan of artists like Rusty Clanton or Darryl Rahn, you’ll find a lot to like about Owens’ excellent songwriting, phrasing, and meaningful work. There’s something about the highlights from the piano that really connect with me on this one. Owens is going to be added to my own steady rotation; this is a gem.

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