Three energetic songwriters bringing a variety of genre blends to the forefront

Bridget Caldwell – “Kingmaker”
-There’s an epic, cinematic energy to this track that makes it so much more than “just another” singer songwriter tune. That said, what I love about Caldwell’s songwriting is that you can tell this would work as an acoustic solo track as well. There’s a genuineness to Caldwell’s vocal that just… makes me BELIEVE what she’s singing. It’s an endearing, almost diary-like use of language and expression. Even though I haven’t lived her life and don’t know her personally, I feel like listening to this song helps me to know the main character of the song. It’s really impressive. Also, as one final salvo, I really like the gentle vocal harmonies dotted throughout the performance. Excellent.

Nick Isaac – “What we can be we must be”
-The strummed acoustic guitar has to be one of the most iconic sounds in all of music, so it provides a bedrock to this new track from Nick Isaac. The strong lead vocal does a nice job of carrying the track to a higher level. The atmospheric rock energy definitely works well with the track. It morphs from an acoustic track to more of a pop rock style and we’re happy to support both. I hate to overuse the comparison, but Oasis comes to mind when listening to this one. It’s got a good energy to it.

Evan Harris – “Diamonds”
-If you’re looking for a calming acoustic style track, give Evan Harris a shot. The expressive acoustic guitar and understated vocal work really well together. The energy of the track is a bit mixed with a faster tempo than you might expect from a chill tune like this, but it meshes nicely. Fans of William Fitzsimmons and similar acoustic singer songwriters will find a lot to like with Harris’s latest track.

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