Three calming neoclassical to calm your mind

Gianluca Piacenza – “The Right Place”
-If you’re looking for a calming composition, this piece from Piacenza is really appealing. There are some atmospheric elements in the mix, but the main melody is in the form of the piano. I appreciate how the melody unfolds in different sections, each with their own character. The unifying theme is comfort. The title “the right place” seems to connect with the sentiment of being comfortable, content, and relaxing in that moment.

River Camille – “Elevate”
-If you listen carefully, you can almost hear the mechanics of the piano used to record this beautiful piece of music. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that music, at its core, is just vibrations. The connection in this piece from the heart of the composer through the vibrations that enter the listeners’ ear is undeniable. There’s a plaintive quality to the melody, but that doesn’t reduce its value. Rather, the simplicity and approachability makes the piece all the more appealing. It’s a sigh of relief. It’s a calm in the midst of life’s many storms. It’s beautiful.

Lucas Forch – “Esla”
-The best word I have for Forch’s new track “Esla” is that it is cathartic. It soothes, and, without overselling the spiritual value of music, it seems to redeem. There’s a hopefulness in the melody as it unfolds it springs for yet more optimism. I don’t know the story behind the music or what inspired it, but to my ear it is a journey. Time passes through the song with a hopefulness and brightness in the varied melodic phrasing. This is a gem.

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