Three remarkable new Americana tracks for your July playlist

Brian Douglas Phillips – “Trouble like you”
-If you’re a fan of Americana music, Phillips should be a household name by now. His vocal and expressive writing style are quintessential examples of the genre in 2021. The easy going vibe brings in influences from old school country, blues, and sparing but poignant rock references. The key lyric in the track about someone being “trouble” is fun and flirty it a way that feels gruff and genuine. Phillips makes the kind of music that flies in the face of so much of pop country music and we’re glad to support his art here.

T. Buckley – “Frame by frame”
-If you’re looking for a soft acoustic singer songwriter style, you can’t do much better than T. Buckley. This track immediately stood out when I was listening through submissions. The vocal is clear, reminding me a bit of Carson McKee. The balance between the expressive acoustic guitar work and the genuine vocal blending is a key combination for the type of Americana that we love to support here. This reminds me a bit of the 80s version of country music with notables like Vince Gill and Trisha Yearwood dominating the airwaves.

Averno – “Siren Song”
-We rarely feature music that’s a part of a larger collection, so I was surprised to hear that this song is actually part of a soundtrack. The composition style is endearing and exactly the kind of Americana that we like to feature. The variety of lead vocals are all quite good. The hypnotic, mesmerizing, and quality acoustic work on this track definitely helps it stand out for us. We’re happy to support these particular Sirens. May we not crash our boat in the process.

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