Three indie pop tunes that will get you excited for the genre’s future

Alex Beck – “Born to lie”
-When I think pop music, I don’t typically think about good existential questions. Yet, Beck’s latest track “Born to lie” is about human nature more than might meet the ear initially. The crispy production quality and lead vocal were the characteristics that made this one stand out for me. But the more I listened, the more excited I got to hear the snappy groove and thoughts about people being “born to lie.” The challenge here is to be patient, show perseverance, and love despite the struggle. I really appreciate the sentiment.

Nylophone – “Life goes on”
-The first time I heard this song, I was mesmerized. The acoustic energy and the vocal are extremely well balanced. The chromatic melody style is incredibly difficult to do and Nylophone make it sound easy. The “but we’re wrong… life goes on” shift in both lyrics and mood of the song is perfect. This is songwriting on a whole other level than we hear in most indie pop music these days. When we talk about the importance of standing out in a crowded genre, this is the kind of aesthetic we’re talking about. Shades of George Harrison meet a more contemporary artist like someone like the underrated Jeff Pianki. Nylophone is crafting a sound in that company.

The Shadowboxers – “A feeling that you’re leaving”
-The first thing I did when I began writing coverage for this song was share it with my personal social media followers. I absolutely love the harmonies on this one. It’s an incredible mix on the production front, but it’s also a delightfully well written song. The comparisons of the Beegees, Three Dog Night, or Eagles come to mind, for sure. That said, hearing a sound like this from the Shadowboxers in 2021 just makes it all the more intriguing. I really hope I get a chance to hear this band at a show… and interview them! I have a lot of questions about this incredible sound!

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