Three new singer songwriters with stories for the weekend

Space Nat – “Nightwalker”
-There’s something about the unique blending of influences in this track that jumped right out at me on first listen. The vocal is good, of course, but the overall style feels like it brings together a wide range of styles. The cathartic “I wanna be just like you” with an expressive lead vocal inflection continues to drive the song forward. While I don’t understand every lyric, the mood of the track just feels right for early summertime goodness.

N Sherman – “I want to go back”
-The calming acoustic style of this track is enough to stop even the busiest person in their tracks. Wait a minute… who is this? What am I even listening to? It’s incredible. That was my feeling, too. It’s captivating. Bringing in elements of folk that remind me a bit of a mid-60s folk revival style, with shades of Nick Drake and Elliott Smith in the sound. The combination of thoughtful lyrics and hypnotic acoustic work make for a truly captivating listen. Add this one to your acoustic playlist and never look back.

Fergus – “Leave me light”
-If you’re looking for a thoughtful acoustic guitar style of folk music, click play on this remarkable song from Fergus. The balance between the guitar and vocal is really captivating. The energy of the whole performance is really familiar, yet I’m fairly sure I’ve never heard Fergus. I think it’s because it’s such an approachable sound. It feels like you’re talking with an old friend. The energy around this track is absolutely delightful; it’s familiar, sweet, and a bit like peeking into someone else’s private life. The electric guitar break is much funkier than you would expect from the first half of the song, but it works. Trust me the energy of the whole thing just — works.

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