Three folk songs you’ll want on your summer 2021 playlist

Hollow Coves – “Blessings”
-If you’ve been following my folk coverage of late, you already know the name of Hollow Coves. We covered another track of theirs earlier this year and were thrilled to get another from these talented writers. The song itself is good, but the folk harmonies are just amazing. I could listen to this sound 24/7. In fact, when I’m not processing subs, I do listen to music like this all the time. That message “hold on to the ones you love” has been a mantra for me in the past year plus. This song speaks to my soul… I literally FEEL this song inside. In the most detached professional tone I can say it, I love this song.

Canyon City – “Paris”
-Canyon City has been a site favorite for years now, so I was thrilled to get a song about the romantic city of Paris. Well, okay, it’s a song about romance that happens to be connected to memories of Paris. The composition is beautiful, as always, allowing the listener to calmly enjoy the whispy, uplifting chords that deliver the romantic lyrical style. This is a love song, an adventure song, and an expression of devotion. I sent it to my wife right before I shared it here if that’s any indication of how much it meant to me hearing this one.

Lemony Rug – “Your talk”
-If you’re looking for a relaxing acoustic style, give Lemony Rug a spin. The experimental elements in the background are sure to help the song stand out for some readers. The overall energy is definitely different than the stereotypical poppy flavored folk song. This one is introspective and thoughtful. We’re happy to support this kind of meaningful lyrical songwriting.

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