Three indie pop songs that will make listeners smile from ear to ear

Charlie Duda – “Roller Coaster”
-If you are looking for top notch vocal blending and a toe-tapping good tune, give Charlie Duda a spin. This new track “Roller Coaster” is perfect for you summer adventuring playlist. I love everything from the guitars to the vocals. The composition feels like what that carefree summer sound is supposed to be. I could almost squeal like I’m going down a bit hill listening to this one. As a fan of music history, I love the snowball of historic music influences rolled into this remarkable pop rock hit.

JSteph – “Those days”
-So the folks who shared this track with us didn’t classify it as indie pop, but I think it fits really well. The commercial mix makes it really stand out compared to a lot of the lofi productions we get. But it is undeniably pop and we’re super excited to support the energetic vocal style on this one. “We were free to chase our dreams.” Something about this one reminds me of the excitement when I heard Ben Rector’s “Old Friends.” The 80s-90s synth sound doesn’t always connect for us, but it’s absolutely perfect on this one. I never had a Starter jacket back in the day, but this song reminded me how much I wanted one.

Johnny Cattini – “You only call me when you’re lonely”
-If you’re a fan of singer songwriters, you’ll like Johnny Cattini’s sound. I love the vocal blending on this one a lot. Something about Cattini’s tone reminds me of Rusty Clanton, so obviously I’m a fan. The overall energy of the track is thoroughly pop, albeit in a sweetly understated way. This is the kind of track that I could listen to over and over. I put it on two playlists on Soundcloud and will put it on another on Spotify shortly. That’s how I really feel about this beautiful, well-written, and well-produced indie pop tune.

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