Three indie rock tunes to get you fired up this weekend

Joe August – “Lotus Flower”
-If you’re a sucker for a good guitar hook (like me) then the opening of Joe August’s track “Lotus Flower” will stand out to you right away. The more I listened, the more I could hear this great classic rock veneer over the track. The mix on the chorus, “don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have you in my arms” is absolutely fantastic. The organ (or is it a melodica?) sounds really good. The textures are like an amalgamation of late 60s and early 70s goodness. This is a remarkable song that will make you question whether or not it was actually written in the 21st century. It’s great.

Crystal Cities – “Hold me close hold me tight”
-The up tempo energy of Crystal Cities makes for an absolutely electric composition. The unrelenting forward movement of the track will leave some listeners in the dust, but those who stick with it will find a lot of reward from the expressive lyrics. The overall groove bounces around from an 80s and 90s pop rock energy that will resonate with a lot of our Gen-X readers. Something about the song feels like it’s from another era, but also feels delightfully brand new. I’m not entirely sure why needles are breaking skin here, but the song is still worth tapping your toes to.

Ghosttrip – “Into the light” (Radio edit)
-The opening of the song has an acoustic guitar and a solo vocal that works nicely, but once the harmony vocals enter the song goes from good to great. I definitely am a sucker for harmony bands (as I’ve been writing for years), but it’s rare to find one that can really stand out from the crowd. It a world of overdubs and layered vocals, it can be hard to make a sound truly stand out, but Ghosttrip have accomplished this elusive goal. The song feels like something that could have been written in the 60s, but there are just enough early 2000s alt rock textures in the track to make it feel more recent. The mix is magical.

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