Three beautiful Americana pieces to improve your weekend

Addison Agen – “When the morning comes”
-This is an amazing Americana song. Addison Agen has one of the best voices I’ve heard in recent memory. The delicate intonation helps the listener feel deeply connected to the song. The minimal guitar and quality vocal in the opening is really good, but when the rest of the band enters there’s a distinctive Americana energy to the recording that is infinitely pleasing. Agen’s vocal opens up and gets positively soulful; the song moves from a folksy Americana tune to a soulful gospel song. Amen, sister. This isn’t just a song; it’s a spiritual experience.

Taylor Rae – “Fixer Upper”
-The rolling folk energy of this track immediately reminded me of the 70s. I can’t quite put my finger on what about the sound accomplishes this feat, but there’s a Fleetwood Mac energy to some parts of the composition. The syncopated chorus about going for a walk is absolutely outstanding. Taylor Rae’s vocal is outstanding, ushering the listener through this thoughtful expression of being “broken lovers” with someone special. “Oh I promise I won’t leave.” Anyone who has ever been in a successful long term relationship will resonate with just how true this sentiment is. It’s also just… so darn sweet.

Daniel Milewski – “Lead me on”
-If you’re a fan of expressive soulful piano work, give Milewski a spin. The vocal and piano are really good on this one, making me a fan from first listen. The lyrical work is poetic in a salt of the earth kind of way. Once the electric guitar riff enters the track, it moves from more of a pure folk sound into more of a folk rock sound… and it just works. The harmonica really sets it off nicely. The two vocalists the Milewski reminds me of are John Fogerty and Ryan Adams. So, hopefully fans of those artists will resonate with Milewski’s unique contribution here as well.

Image courtesy: Addison Agen IG

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