Three creative Americana tracks to push the genre’s boundaries

Luke Klifman – “Tiptoe”
-If you love steel guitar, you’ll love the opening of this song. As a matter of fact, as soon as I heard this song I shared it with a friend of mine who loves steel guitar. The overall energy of the track feels like a “modern take on a classic genre.” It’s definitely the kind of genre exploration that we love to feature on our site. The lyrics and vocal are the genuine article, helping the song have that transcendent and timeless quality to it. This is a gem that you should be putting on your own folk and Americana lists.

Special K’s – “Anymore”
-The electric guitar on this track really stands out from the start, but the piano also does a lot of heavy lifting in the mix. The tension rising in the opening that resolves on the first chorus is really rewarding. It’s the kind of song that you can’t help but wonder where you’ve heard it before. It’s got glimmers of George Harrison and Ben Folds, but it’s not from either one of them. It’s a truly magical elixir combining elements of different timeless music that will have you singing along. It’s not a blues song. It’s a celebration of the end of a relationship and, well, let’s just say a lot of listeners will be able to relate to the emotion. It’s SO good.

Johnny Cattini – “Sleeping Alone”
-I’ve been known to compare artists to Jackson Browne a bit too often, but this one really warrants the comparison. This is vintage Jackson Browne. It’s a love song with a breakup twist and some incredible chord changes. Even the atmospheric backing vocals resonate in a powerful era-defying energy. The expressive string work on this one is absolutely a treat for listeners. If you are looking for a sound that melds 60s, 70s, and a dash of contemporary pop music, give this track a spin. It’ll put that “surpising but I like it” smile on your face.

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