Three captivating new folk tracks for your late spring playlist

Brother James – “The Other Side”
-This is one of the most beautiful compositions I’ve heard this year. It’s remarkable that Brother James continues to produce such amazing, awe-inspiring music. Everything from the poignant lyrics to the strings help to create a depth to the composition. This is an entire song about empathy. It’s all about understanding where other people are coming from with their experiences, both good and bad. It’s a beautiful reflection on what it means to love people unconditionally. It’s a better sermon than most that I’ve heard in my life. This is a remarkable piece of writing.

Dominic Romano ft. Luna Keller – “Never in my dreams”
-The introspective lyrics here are really engaging. The atmospheric vocals win my heart with every listen. If you have ever thought a bit too much about a connection (or lack of) with a person, this song is for you. The production on this track is absolutely incredible. If you are looking for an atmospheric, loving, yet still thoughtful questioning track, then you’ll love this latest track from Romano and Keller. It’s gentle and inquisitive.

Jake Feeney – “Sunrise”
-I appreciate the easy going acoustic work on this track. It’s definitely an intriguing sound with a unique effect on the vocal. Some hidden pop blues elements keep the track from falling into predictable conventions. The sound rolls from verse to verse with some engaging, abstract lyricism. It’s the kind of song that will lull you in some places and then absolutely pull you out of your rest with other more experimental sections. It’s a tad more progressive than we typically cover, but it really does stand out in a creative, expressive way.

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