Three engaging new folk tracks for this early June

Archer Monk – “I am not there”
-The acoustic finger picking on this track is really engaging. It starts off with a flavor that feels perfectly timeless. The vocal style from Archer Monk feels like it could have come from the “good old days.” When the harmony vocal enters the track as well, listeners are reminded of the best of what made 60s folk revival music so iconic. For a more recent comparison, fans of the Milk Carton Kids will find a lot to enjoy about this transcendent, moving folk sound.

Emily Soon – “Good things will come”
-I like everything about the song. The vocal has a perfect effect on it, allowing it to rise above the guitar work. The acoustic lays down a beautiful background that really sets up the lead vocal to soar. The optimism of “Good things will come” is pretty much a theme song for how I’ve been living in 2021. The inspiring lyrical message and the nature metaphors throughout the song are absolutely inspiring. This is a brilliant blueprint for bringing the traditions of folk music into a contemporary musical landscape. Those atmospheric horns, too… LOVE

dayoff – “My pulse”
-If you’re looking for an engaging acoustic style and some nice “ohhs and ahhs” you will find a lot to like in this track from dayoff. It’s got a nice enjoyable melody and a “singalong” style to it. The mix is really well balanced, with both the guitars and vocals coming through clearly. If you are looking for a folk tune with some optimistic energy for your playlist, this one is definitely a candidate.

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