Three acoustic singer songwriters for your early June playlist

Jonah Kagen – “Broken”
-The production value on this track is incredibly good. The vocal is solid and the guitar does a nice job of setting the mood of the piece. The overall composition is really quite comfortable. But the lyrics will definitely shake up a lot of listeners. It’s about requesting the help of another person in the midst of a complicated relationship. “I’m begging you to come pull me out the fire.” This is a literal cry for help set to beautiful music. This one gets emotional.

The Franklin Electric – “Why you gotta be”
-The up tempo guitar and drums on this track move it easily into the pop rock category, but it has a nice singer songwriter energy to it as well. I really appreciate the balanced production and relatable lyrics. It’s an intriguing take on watching a friend be hard on themselves and you just want them to chill out a little bit. The syncopated energy pulls me in on this one. It’s one of those songs that can connect if you focus, but also just sounds like a cool pop rock track that would be fine to have on in the background. It’s a mood and it works well.

doppelfinger – “knowingly”
-It rarely happens that I find a song with such a clever ethos; doppelfinger have brought forth a song that shows wit and whimsy in the best way possible. Elements in the production lean toward experimental folk and they work really well. The lead vocal is outstanding, which is a major reason I like the sound so much. It’s really rare to find an indie folk band that really seems to be cultivating new musical ground, but doppelfinger are certainly doing that. Chamber folk meets jug band meets Greenwich Village eccentricity; it’s a treat. I like this one and can’t wait to hear more.

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