Three singer songwriters with inspiring acoustic content

Sophia Bella Cucci – “Lemons”
-The minor key work on this track will stand out for any listener. It’s definitely not the twee kind of folk music that we so often receive. This is a sophisticated type of folk music that is more Jackson C. Frank than what most modern acts are putting out. Cucci’s vocal is beautiful and the lyrics will make you contemplate the bitterness of distance and fracturing love. If you’ve ever felt the sadness of distance from someone you love, this song will resonate.

His His – “Home, Home”
-Neither of these are typos – the name is His His and the title is “Home, Home.” The acoustic textures are why I had to say yes to this track. It sounds like a thoughtful and provoking acoustic line, but the soft smooth style of the electric guitar and vocals really make it all come together for something special. The word that comes to mind is “serenity” with this track. It’s all very captivating. There’s a sort of 60s Greenwich Village vibe to this track that makes it stand out for me in a crowded folk scene right now. It’s great in its timelessness.

William Fitzsimmons – “Dancing on the Sun”
-I probably write this every time I feature Fitzsimmons, but it continues to awe me that we are getting submissions from such an accomplished artist. I mean, he’s one of the people I compare emerging artists TO. Pinch me, am I dreaming right now? Anyways, Fitzsimmons comes through with another subtle vocal over an inspiring folk rock base. The track begins with an acoustic charm and swells into more of a rock track. The lyrics are intriguing. The metaphor of “dancing on the sun” being unnaturally moved and obsessed with a love works well fitting into a classic folk songwriting tradition.

Image courtesy: Sophia Bella IG

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