Three indie pop singer songwriters for your springtime playlist

Kylie Rothfield – “Everyone else”
-There’s a wonderfully rewarding mix on this song from Kylie Rothfield. The vocal is solid and the melody connects, but it’s the rich layers of the production that immediately stand out to me. The lyrics focus on being in a different place in life than your friends, making an odd feeling where you are with people but don’t really feel connected. It’s a relatable feeling and Rothfield makes the emotional aspects really emerge. The song will get you moving and thinking.

The Deep Blue – “Jealous Sea”
-The first thing I did when I clicked play on this track was share it on my personal social media with friends “for fans of Fleetwood Mac.” The energy of this track is mysteriously throwback and feels exceptionally contemporary as well. The snappy harmonies are spot on throughout the track, but the groove will have you thinking of bygone eras. I like the sense of the lyrics that we sometimes tell ourselves we will change who we are to be with someone. It never works out in the long run, but in the moment we feel this way. Great vocals and relatable lyrics… yes!

Tommy Ashby – “Whiplash”
-The pop energy of this track definitely hits from the very start. I don’t mean the type of bubblegum pop that was popular generations ago; this is pop in that it is made primarily of positive vibes and clear, crispy production decisions. The artful lyrics help the listener think about those relationships in life that seem particularly unstable. Sometimes you’re good, sometimes you’re in conflict. The sincerity in the lyrical delivery and overall chill vibe makes this one a must add for playlists in spring 2021.

Image courtesy: Kylie Rothfield IG

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