Three chill neoclassical pieces to bring in the weekend

Meg Blumberg – “Extant”
-If you’re looking for a neoclassical piece to bring calm, Blumberg may be one of the best composers out there. It’s interesting to me that this piece is slow and methodical, but does not offer the sleepiness of so many tracks of this style. Rather, the way the melody evolves and does not repeat itself helps to awaken me. It’s a thoughtful and creative style that makes me pay closer attention rather than drifting off. This would be great for studying, reading, or meditating. I really appreciate this neoclassical approach from Meg Blumberg.

Steve Luck – “One little victory”
-I don’t know the story behind this piece, but I appreciate the spirit of it a great deal. There’s a reflective, almost compassionate sense to the style. The piano moves along gently, without getting too fast or too loud. It tells a bit of a story without any words. From the title about a victory, I wonder if it’s about the satisfaction of completing something in life that may not receive a fanfare but was worth the doing. As we go about returning to “normal life,” I have found myself celebrating some ordinary achievements lately. This is how I took the piece and hope others will find their own meaning in it.

Daniel Tomas – “Zenith”
-We don’t typically feature neoclassical with vocals, but these are really intriguing and atmospheric. The entire piece feels like a genre-blending salvo. The energy is intentional and concentrated into some dynamic moments. It’s the kind of piece you might put on in an effort to inspire action, either mental or physical. It seems like the kind of thing you might hear in the background of a particularly intense “prepare for battle” scene of a film. I appreciate it.

Image courtesy: Meg Blumberg IG

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