Three folk singer songwriters to start your week off right

BJ Fisher – “Scovia”
-Oh my word, this is a folk singer’s folk song. Fisher writes with the expertise of someone who’s been in this folk world for a really long time. I appreciate the Cat Stevens sensibility to this track. The phrasing rolls along with line after line of poetic fortitude. The acoustic work is impressive, with that calming sense that makes it all sound so easy even though he’s playing some pretty complex fingerpicking here. I could listen to this kind of narrative folk music all day long. I am thrilled to add Fisher’s work to my own personal music rotation. What a treat.

Kyle Huskey – “Edge of my bed”
-The calming style of this track connected with me right away. The careful, personal lyrics here are sure to resonate with a lot of readers. The easy going acoustic work is accented by some atmospheric electric guitar. The combination is soothing, working well with the comforting lyrical style. This is the story of someone being with a friend through loss or depression of some kind. It’s beautiful and important.

Sophia DeLeo – “Massachusetts”
-I don’t always connect with this type of lyrical style, but it works really well for Sophia DeLeo. The lead vocal is really good, never wavering from start to finish. The intimate recording style is intriguing. The entire combination of lyrics and simplistic composition feels comfortable for conveying the diary-style lyrics. This might not be for some of the more traditional readers of our site, but for those who like lyrically complex narratives, this song will connect well.

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