Three new singer songwriters to sooth your soul

Katherine Priddy – “Indigo”
-The first track we featured from Priddy was a cover, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received this original. Oh my word it’s wonderful. The energy is cathartic. The vocal intonation is out of this world. At times it feels “other worldly,” to be honest. The sense of melody is beautiful. The full composition is unlike anything I’ve heard before and I’m incredibly glad that we were able to feature this creative alt pop (can we call it that?) track.

Chelsea Rollins – “The weight of it all”
-If sincere vocals are your thing, give Chelsea Rollins a spin. You can tell from just one listen that Rollins believes what she’s singing. The poetic lines are delivered carefully with the strings and piano work. The overall result is a calming, peaceful, soul-soothing style. The lyrics are complex and layered, giving the listener reason to come back for repeated listens. The calming mood is what I like best.

Moody Jr – “Sinking Ship”
-The relaxed acoustic guitar work on this track is sure to put a smile on a lot of faces. The vocal is not rushed, allowing the listener to sway gently with the strum pattern and listen carefully to the storytelling lyrical style. The guitar is the best part, but the whole thing is quite nice. I appreciate the sentimental spirit that guides the unfolding melody. If you’re a fan of careful narrative folk music, give this one a try.

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