Three Americana tunes to celebrate love this spring

Jake Whiskin – “Heavy”
-This might not be your grandpa’s Americana, but we’re happy to support this creative flavor on a timeless genre. Whiskin’s vocal is absolutely engaging. You can hear every word of the lyrics on this evocative, folk-rooted acoustic sound. The melody line rolls from phrase to phrase with a clear, deliberate sensibility. It’s loving and atmospheric, all while staying grounded to timeless music composition. I like this one from start to finish, first chord to last lyric.

Alex Beraldo – “Southern Heat”
-I’m always a sucker for good acoustic fingerpicking, so I was glad to hear it on this track from Alex Beraldo. There’s a timeless narrative folk energy to this track that stands out immediately. The expressive lyrical style does a nice job of capturing a Blaze Foley-esque approachability. Beraldo writes like someone you’ve heard before, but presents it with a fresh energy. I could definitely picture a front porch session with Beraldo playing for no one in particular, happy to sing a tune about a girl who broke his heart. So good.

Grand Alpaca – “Devil is the heart of mine”
-This song blends a range of different influences into something that feels rather contemporary. The blending of pop rock elements with older folk stylings makes for an overall flavor that defies category. The lyrics may strike some as a bit abrasive, while others will find the honesty to be refreshing. It’s an engaging style about heartbreak and tumult in a relationship. If you’re looking for an Americana sound that is truly unlike anything else in the genre right now, give Grand Alpaca a spin.

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