Three neoclassical pieces that will move your emotions

Hideyuki Hashimoto – “outro”
-I’ve featured Hashimoto here before, always highlighting the mechanical sounds and nature of the recording. I still do really enjoy that part of the style. There’s something in this composition that reminds me of Disney’s “When you wish upon a star” combined with something of a jazz lounge feeling. The combination is endearing, peaceful, and provides room for contemplation. This is the type of music I mean when I tell folks I enjoy neoclassical. Simply beautiful.

Alex BH – “Logos”
-There’s a peaceful composition style to this track that is sure to make a lot of followers for Alex BH. The chromatic melody style is cathartic for the listener (and I suppose to play). The calming style is perfect for introspection. If you’re looking for music to help you think and dream, I would recommend this piece from Alex BH. The title is probably referring to logos as in discourse or reason; this is a beautiful piano-based piece of music perfect for contemplation and internal conversation.

Hallowed River – “Alone and okay”
-If you are like most folks around the world, it’s been a long year with a lot of alone time. Even if it wasn’t alone, it was time spent with a small group of people. This piece of music brings a calming piano element that helps me unlock some of my own emotions that I’ve been holding in. There’s a genuine, engaging sense to the composition. It repeats in places, but also unfolds into entirely different sections. It’s one of the most beautiful melodies I’ve heard in covering neoclassical over the past several years and I’m privileged to share it here today.

*NOTE: I just realized that this track was still unlisted at the time of publication. Once it is publicly released, we will update the link.

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