Three energetic modern pop jams for your weekend

Kathleen Elle – “Nervous”
-Everything about this track feels right. The lead vocal is really good, the production is balanced, and the overall style feels appropriate and approachable. The danceable beat is perfect for bopping around your apartment on one of those sunny but chilly spring mornings. Is that a hairbrush you’re singing into pretending it’s a microphone?! OH YOU! No, but seriously, this is such a fun song about the butterflies you feel when you’re hoping that a relationship might work out. “It’s like you stole my breath.” Yep. Dance like no one’s watching! This is a fun one.

Grace Knight – “You don’t owe the world pretty”
-Every once in a while I run across a lyrical message that isn’t for me but I love it anyways. As a man, I’ve never had the appearance pressure that Knight sings about here, but I want to use our platform to magnify this amazing message. If you’re reading this and you can relate to the lyrics, just know that ETTG supports you. Knight’s plainspoken but important message is going to resonate with a lot of listeners. The piano work and quality vocal help create a beautifuly, solid musical vehicle to deliver this important message.

Holden Miller – “In my heart”
-I like this song in a few different categories in my head; one, I like it because of the straightforward and sweet lyrics. But two, I really like the vocal blending in the harmony vocals. The combination of the vocals and message really works for me on this track. That percussive “gang vocal and hand clap” section is one of the defining elements of the music that helped birth ETTG in the first place. Hearing this example, well produced and with an honest, joyful expression is really pleasing for us to find.

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