Three Americana tunes that will make you miss the old days (even if you didn’t live through them)

Andrew Wilson Eskesen – “Ruins”
-What. a. debut. This is the only track available from this talented singer songwriter. I was shocked that such an accomplished sound is coming from this artist with his first solo release. The Americana energy on this one is absolutely astounding. In fact, it’s probably more Americana than three quarters of the songs tagged “Americana” we’re currently receiving. The steel guitar, the acoustic guitar, and the vocal are all simply out of this world. The poetic lyrics, the sincere vocal, and some amazing harmonies. This is the way, right here, folks. This is the way.

Amy Martin – “Sweet Virginia”
-If you’ve ever driven the long draw of the Blue Ridge Parkway… or tucked down along the flatter lands in the central part of Virginia… you’ll be able to connect with the sweet sincerity of this track from Amy Martin. It is written for folks who know this land intimately well and love it with their whole hearts. The acoustic guitar rambles like an old Woody Guthrie song and the lyrics feel as pure as cool spring water. This one’s a real treat for fans of Americana.

Adam Hooks and the Huckleberries – “If you’re still up I’m down”
-I appreciate the sincerity of this track from start to finish. Everything about the song feels like tried and true Americana music. The instrumentation, the vocal, and even the lyrical theme are really great. They feel like good old fashioned common folk. Heck, even the electric guitar solos feel like they are perfect fills for that alt country style that has become so synonymous with Americana. This is precisely the kind of music we mean when we tell folks we like Americana music. A dash of country, a bit of gospel, and the gospel’s secular cousin rock n’ roll — and we don’t mind at all. It just works.

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