Three acoustic folk tunes to make guitar lovers smile

Chris Tabet – “Home”
-For a while there, it seemed like we were covering a song titled “Home” about once every six months. It has cooled down a bit, maybe because so many people are stuck at home. Now they’re singing about places they want to go. But I digress. This track from Chris Tabet has a great acoustic guitar energy to it. The easy going energy of the track allows the vocal to stand out. The little slide guitar in the background feels just right for a certain kind of Americana sweetness on top of an otherwise chilled out folk tune. Give it a spin and consider throwing it on a chill spring/summer playlist for you and yours.

The Low End – “Lantern”
-When a song starts with the line, “The trees began to bend to obey the wind,” I have to take notice. I mean, seriously, that’s amazing. It’s a simple, profound truth that you’ve witnessed many times in life but never thought to put into words. Off to a great start. Then the guitar is good, the vocal is gruff, and the full composition feels like it was written by someone who believes what he’s singing. I dig it. The thoughtful guitar lead moments and poetic imagery continue throughout the track. This is an absolute treat.

Trapper Schoepp – “Yellow Moon”
-If you’re looking for a track that is right on the line of folk and Americana music, with a nice folk rock groove to it, then check out “Yellow Moon” from Trapper Schoepp. It’s got a natural, engaging charisma to it. The swing of the beat keeps it moving along while the vocal has the subtlest rasp that feels familiar. Fans of the Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen era of “popular” (but don’t call it pop) rock music will find a lot to like from Schoepp here. I have to say I dig the bridge break. Is that a melodica? What a cool production and timeless tune; spin it, friends.

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