Three energetic new rock tracks to get your blood pumping this week

The Thing With Feathers – “We’ll be fine”
-There’s an optimism to this track that I genuinely appreciate. This is a sentiment that I definitely felt a lot at the beginning of 2021 as things began to improve around here. I appreciate the poppy rock energy and toe-tapping rhythm. I dig the way the lyrics are both personal and relatable for others. The electric guitars and the vocal blending are definitely the high points for me. This one swings and I like it a lot.

Tiny Kingdoms – “All I know”
-If you’re a fan of pop punk music, you need to put Tiny Kingdoms on your radar. The punctuated percussive style is definitely an exciting new addition to any playlist. The vocals are spot on, with some raw aggression to them. I appreciate the full sound on the guitar work and unconventional chord progressions on the breaks. The chorus, though, like any good pop punk song, absolutely soars. The lyrics are about connecting with someone with a tinge of infatuation and intoxicating bliss. It’s perfect for the genre.

The New Twentys – “I can’t afford her”
-This track isn’t the average rock song; it’s very much above average. The dynamics of this song are next level. It starts off simple but it really builds throughout the track. The lead vocal is quality. The guitars pop with solid chords and a driving rhythm. The layered vocals on the “why does it matter?” section is really interesting. The reflective lyrics on the bridge help to develop the storyline of the song about rumor and breakup. Once the main character moves on from the interaction, the track seems to resolve into more of a feel good experience. But it’s about reconciling – or trying to – with someone you’ve wronged or at least they think you’ve wronged them. It’s a lot more complex than you might expect from an energetic pop rock tune.

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