Three crispy, fresh new indie pop jams

Emma Freeman – “Do you”
-This song is a perfect example of why I tell people I’m a fan of indie pop. The piano is just delightful. I could listen to the piano verson of this song as an instrumental and be perfectly content. But Emma Freeman’s vocal is also wonderful. The combination of vocal and piano are blissful. Once you focus on the lyrics, it all comes together for this conversational, charming combination that makes my heart smile. Have you ever had coffee with a friend and just felt so wonderful afterward, like you really connected and the world feels a little bit brighter? That’s what this song feels like for me. Put it on your coffeeshop and indie pop playlists. And smile. 🙂

Calm Canopy – “Long way”
-There’s an energy to this track from Calm Canopy that feels oh so right. It’s got a snap to it, like an audio optimism that’s just waiting to inspire you. “Life is short and life is sweet, so take the long way with me.” Wow, what a nice sentiment. It’s about making the most of your situation no matter what. The combination of the cool lead vocal and the electric guitar chord work gives the song a really comfortable, chill vibe.

Out at Sea – “Maybe you know better”
-The acoustic energy on this track takes center stage. The expressive, poetic lyrics are really intriguing as well. The existential questions that this song asks have a tendency to sneak up you. The listener is put in this position of feeling the snappy rhythm and easy going vocal so that the lyrics go down smooth. The more you think about them, though, the more you realize this is an incisive, almost scathing perspective on society. Give it a listen, then go back and listen again with special attention to the lyrics. It’s quite a commentary.

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