Three new rock tunes to get some SPRING in your step

Sweet Avenue – “Hey Phoebe”
-The first thing I thought when I heard this song was the band Taking Back Sunday. I don’t even know if that’s a fair comparison because I don’t know this subgenre super well, but it was like an instant connection. If you are a fan of pop punk or emotional punk rock, this track is definitely going to be up your alley. The call and response repetition style reminds me of a wide range of bands from the early 2000s. The quality production on this track is clear. I’m always going to be a sucker for a power chord and some emotionally driven vocal harmonies. The only question I have… does Phoebe work at Hot Topic or Spencers?

Tiger Run – “Brand new day”
-I love the energy in this song. It starts off with a nice full sound, but you can feel right from the start that it’s going to absolutely soar. Once you get to that first chorus and the vocals are joyfully yelling about a new day… whew! It’s very exciting and fun. There’s a range of challenges in life that we have to embrace to live abundantly. This song seems to capture that sentiment with a youthful exuberance that I could use. Maybe I’ll take this with my coffee for the next few weeks to see if it helps me conquer my days more energetically.

Jake Pinto – “Gone”
-When it comes to the origins of rock music, it doesn’t get much more OG than a heartbreak song with some sick guitar hooks. The expressive, sycopated, saucy composition here is absolutely as old school rock as you can get. Paul McCartney could dig this. I was enjoying the guitar and vocal, but once the piano entered the track with that bluesy flair… dang, man. This is legit. The production on this track is otherworldly. I’ve listened to it several times and still keep finding stuff that blows me away. This is outstanding.

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