Three brand new indie pop tunes for your midweek

Amori – “The old me”
-This song feels a bit like a poem with some instrumentation around it. What I mean is that the lyrics are the main driving force of the track. The reflective writing will have you thinking about where you are and where you’ve been in your life. The glowing guitar work is good, but it’s the quality of the lead vocal that I enjoy the most. The combination is an easy going pop song that goes down smooth but will still have you asking some good questions of yourself.

Olivia Wendel – “Stop and shop”
-Take a bit of folk rock energy and mix it with some modern pop, you’ll get a sound pretty darn close to what Olivia Wendel is producing here. The lead vocal has a solid, pure energy to it. The rock backing is just pop enough to keep from overwhelming the energy of the track. The balance comes together with this remarkable image about interacting with someone and having that lingering feeling where you can’t stop thinking about them. I’ve never heard a song about this, but it’s captured really well. Clever, thoughtful, and easy going — this is a great pop rock tune in the vein of Fleetwood Mac that deserves your listen.

Andy Louis – “Corrosif”
-The syncopation on this track pulled me in right away. It’s just got a GROOVE, ya know? The clean, easy going electric guitar creates some unexpectedly pleasant textures on this one. The combination of the introspective lyrics and the approachable vocal style makes for a great mix. It’s a bit soul, a bit rock, and a bit pop… coming together for a nice mix. It’s a song you could put on a neosoul playlist and win over a lot of fans. Did I mention it’s a groove? Mmhmm.

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