Three new folk singer songwriters for your midweek

Aaron Percy – “Trouble”
-The layers of the acoustic guitar are very satisfying on this track. The vocal feels familiar and intimate throughout the track. The yearning of the lyrics meet the vocal style quite well. It’s a thoughtful and engaging writing style with a meaningful and expressive vocal. This reminds me of what I felt like the first time I heard Penny and Sparrow.

Nathaniel Paul – “Guns or crosses (acoustic)”
-I’m always a sucker for a good chromatic chord change. When this is in the context of a finger picking folk song, I’m even more interested. I appreciate the sincerity of the vocal and the overall storytelling style. The questions about societal need for reform feels very much like the classics from Guthrie and Seeger. The moral imperative is strong on this one and we’re happy to support the questions. This is the spirit of folk music.

Ocie Elliott – “Now you don’t”
-The relaxed energy of this recording stood out to me right away. The fun thing is that this song feels like it’s just an easy going folk tune, but it’s actually quite complex with several production layers. The approachable vocal harmonies here sound beautiful and set the mood for the track. The combination of the vocals and the piano, especially, really work well for me. The mood of this track resonates with the promise of early spring. Give it a spin, friends.

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