Three new folksy Americana tunes to get your week going

Pawns or Kings – “Ain’t allowed to be sad”
-If you’re looking for an old time folk style, this track does a nice job with it. You’ll hear chord progression, sincere vocals, and an endearing overall string-based tune. The lyrics repeat like old time “sit around the fire” type of folk music. You know… like the good old days. If you’re interested in lyrics that have an emotional side to them, this track will stick with you. Give it the ole spin. You’ll find yourself tapping your toes and swaying along with this one.

Jordan Murawa – “American hagiography”
-One of the subgenres for this track is chamber folk and I think that’s right on the nose. It’s folksy, sure, but it goes in some really unique directions with unconventional string selections. If you’re looking for thoughtful, critical lyrics then give this one a listen. Murawa’s vocal fills the track, illustrating some amazing moments from American history. It’s deeper than most folk music we run across these days; give it a serious listen (or several). It’s great.

The Little Miss – “Shrink”
-The first time I heard this song, I wasn’t prepared for the low and old time energy of the lead vocal. But wow, I was blown away when I heard it! This is old school WWII era stuff right here. The lyrics are far more introspective and meaningful than the music of the golden era. The thing is, this isn’t “feel good” stuff here. This is radical self care set to a murder ballad composition. It’s objectively one of the most unique Americana tracks to release in years.

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