So You Wanna Be a Folk Singer? Three Guitar Recommendations

Guest post:

By Don East – Editor For Killer Rig

Perhaps it was the magic of generations past, or the tradition of popular culture, folk music has
captured your heart. Whether you are already musically inclined or just getting started, folk is
where you want to put roots down.

And while the folk music genre has changed over time, the right guitar remains eternal. And so
as you emerge as a folk artist, make sure to have the right equipment to help tell your story.
There are many guitars available, all with a different feel and voice. This instrument will be an
extension of you as an artist, so it’s very important to select the right one.
We have three guitar type recommendations to help you find the right fit.

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Steel String Acoustic Guitar
The steel string is a common choice for most music types today. Its full bodied tone makes this
a very versatile guitar. For folk music this guitar is an easy choice and is used by most players
and singers.

When selecting an acoustic guitar, you will be confronted with many different sizes to choose
from. The dreadnought would be our recommended size because of its well rounded sound.
Anything bigger or smaller will normally come with a different sound. This might also be great for
your needs and is worth exploring. But if you are just starting out, it’s best to stick with a guitar
that offers a lot of versatility.

Beginners and Intermediates
Yamaha makes a great guitar for folk music called the FG800. This acoustic is incredible value
and competes with acoustics three times its price. The quality and sound of this guitar is so
good we recommend it for both beginners and intermediates.

Advanced players
If you are an experienced player, then the Martin D-15M is the guitar you need! This guitar
produces an exquisite sound and feels like no other! The warmth it provides is exceptional for
folk music and the smell of the mahogany is wonderful!

Classical Acoustic Guitar
The classical guitar uses Nylon strings and has a warm, mellow sound. This type of acoustic
can be used with many types of music including folk. Because it is less bright then a steel string
acoustic it might be a great fit for you and should be considered.

There have been many folk singers who have used classical guitars because of their warmth.
This is an option that should not be overlooked as it is also very versatile in its own way.
And because the strings are nylon, it is also really easy on your fingers!

Epiphone makes a guitar called the PRO-1 classical nylon string guitar. We recommend this
guitar because of its sound and quality if you’re interested in going with this style.

Resonator Guitar
While the resonator guitar is not the first choice for folk, it has made an appearance and is worth
a mention.

This is an acoustic guitar that uses steel strings and plays like one.
The resonator guitar projects the sound from metal cones at the bridge. These cones or
resonators also produce a sound that is distinctly their own. This sound is worth exploring as it
is very musical.

If you have never heard of a resonator guitar, you may want to look further into them. We don’t
recommend them if you are just getting started. But they may come in handy at some point in
your journey as a folk singer.

The Gretsch G9200 resonator guitar would be our pick in this guitar style.

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