Three indie pop tunes to get your feet moving this weekend

Blue Canopy – “Banji”
-The funky poppy beat of this track feels like it might have been invented in the 70s, but the fresh modern production makes it feel perfect for 2021. I love the atmospheric energy in the background vocals. The sense of “space” in this recording is really my favorite part. I enjoy it through headphones, but there’s a part of me that just wants to crank it on some BIG speakers just to hear that lush arrangement resonate through the room. Hmm…

myfriendblue – “Fall”
-I’ve personally moved away from electro pop as a genre I cover heavily, so for me to say yes to this track you know it has to be next level. The layered vocals are absolutely stunning on this recording. The artist, myfriendblue, has a gorgeous voice. Adding the layers just makes it feel like this beautiful, cathartic sound. The honest, confessional lyrics are really intimate. I’m sure a lot of our readers will be able to relate to the mixed emotions of grieving a lousy breakup. This isn’t just a piece of music; it’s a little bit of therapy and medicine that goes in through your ears. Be healed, friends.

The King’s Parade – “Little rituals”
-I guess some would call this indie rock, but we’re happy to put it with this collection of indie pop tunes. The guitars here are unbelievably engaging. The vocal soars over the arrangement impressively. When the different elements come together, there’s a sense of epic energy to the track even in the relatively chill opening. After the track takes off with the powerful chorus, you can’t help but get into the groove and sing along. The song is dynamic and energetic, perfect to get moving and feel something this weekend.

Image courtesy: myfriendblue IG

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