Three inspiring neoclassical pieces to motivate your midweek

Theo Litson – “Routine”
-From first listen, I found this piece of music to be delightfully inspiring. There’s an energy in the repetition that I find cathartic and moving. Something about the high elements of the melody make me feel like I’m going on an adventure. But the whole of the piece is so calming, almost like a lullaby, and make me reflect deeply. This would be a perfect piece to inspire reading or writing.

Serge Dusault – “Ava”
-The little waltz timing on the lower notes of this track puts a smile on my face with each listen. The gentle, musicbox style of melody on the higher notes makes the whole thing come together with an adorable sweetness. I don’t know the storyline behind the track or the title, but I will say that it is a stunning example of the genre of neoclassical composition and how it can move people to emotions with seemingly minimalist instrumentation. Movement and feeling win the day in this beautiful composition from Serge Dusault.

Innocenzo Genna – “Moonlight”
-This piece of music reminds me of the early 20th century. I mean, I wasn’t alive for it, but it’s a similar style. There are jazzy influences here. There are classical influences here. But more than anything, this composition reveals a central emotion that motivates the movement. I could listen to this kind of thing for hours on end. If you’re looking for a piece of music to inspire your own creativity, I would recommend this track from the talented composer Innocenzo Genna.

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