Three folk singer songwriters for fans of CSNY

Faux Manc – “Dream of you”
-Okay I can’t listen to the main melody of this song without thinking of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer.” That’s no discredit to Faux Manc, who have written a beautiful folk song. It’s meant as a compliment! The calming acoustic energy of this track connects deeply for me. I definitely appreciate the harmonies and acoustic balancing on this track. This is the kind of music that is why I became such a big fan of “folk” in the first place.

Front Seat Drivers – “Hearth and Haven”
-There’s a unique acoustic style in the opening of this track that I can’t quite put words to. Part bluegrass and part modern folk, the innovative structure stands out in a crowded folk scene right now. The vocals are exploratory and moving as well. The introspective lyrics will have you reflecting on deep relationships in your own life. The overall composition is one that will find itself on a lot of folk playlists for that thought provoking, intriguing new selection.

DL Rossi – “Whiskey”
-I appreciate the blended classic style here. Elements of the song remind me of 60s and 70s soft rock sounds with a bit of folk flair. Mostly, I enjoy the relaxing energy of the track overall. The vocals are nestled nicely into the mix, but you can follow every lyric. I appreciate the intricate harmonies and the moving guitar work. I rarely run across folk music that is this well produced. Although ostensibly about drinking, it’s also about having a sort of “let loose” experience in the midst of an otherwise normal life. For those of us in suburbia who have settled into conventional life, this track could well be an anthem.

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