Three peaceful neoclassical pieces for your easy going weekend

Steve Luck – “The key”
-There’s a peaceful mood to this piece of music from beginning to end. I particularly appreciate the sense of dynamics here. Both tempo and acoustic dynamics help to create wonderful textures in the track. I don’t know the meaning of the title and how it relates to the piece, necessarily, but there’s a sense of mystery to it. What does the key lead to? The mystery inherent in the meaning makes me want to listen closer… and read to the next page.

Fougere – “Elder”
-I appreciate the relaxing sentiment in this minimalist piano neoclassical piece. The track evokes a sense of calm and belonging for me. I appreciate that it has variations that evolve throughout the track. The overall energy of the song is quite relaxing for me. I hope that you will find it a welcome addition to your own neoclassical playlists, particularly as you take some time to reflect for this lunar new year.

Haraldur Thrastarson – “Eitt”
-I spend a lot of time telling people that we only cover minimalist piano work in neoclassical… and then a piece of music like this comes along with the most breathtaking horn work I’ve heard in years. As a former horn player myself, I just have to say yes. It’s absolutely stunning. I love, particularly, the unhurried nature of the piece. It’s calming, yet evokes powerful and personal emotions for me. It takes me back to people and places I haven’t thought about in years. There’s power in this sweet little track.

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