Three new folk acts who demand your attention

The Collection – “Blue day”
-If there was a “sound” that defines why I started writing about music, it would be something like The Collection. Rich, rewarding harmonies and a sweet acoustic guitar define the track. It feels human, comfortable, and a lot like “my people” if that makes sense. I can imagine singing this one around a fire with friends. I am definitely going to be following The Collection closely after this one. I adore it.

Billy Hurley – “Another life”
-The relaxing, gentle style of the acoustic guitar helps to establish a nice base to this track. Hurley’s equally gentle vocal style fits perfectly into the mix here. In a world with so much folk music, it can be hard to find this kind of blending and sincerity. The vocal harmonies send it to another level of absolute delightfulness. There’s no easy comparison here, but if you like acoustic folk music you’ll want to have Billy Hurley’s music in your life.

Tyler Sensenig – “Clarity”
-The blending on this track is really something special. Everything from the lead vocal to the clean guitar work all weaves together for a truly unique style. I appreciate the introspective lyrics as well. The full composition begs the interest of the listener. Some of the metaphorical lyrics will have you listening repeatedly, reflecting on the true meaning. It’s definitely a beautifully layered piece of music.

*Note: Sorry the Spotify links are down right now. We will reformat them as soon as they are back up.

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